Dr. Jill Stein: Reject The Lesser Evil… Choose The Greater Good.

It would indeed be a great sign of our democracy to have four candidates – instead of just two – sharing the stage during debates for the best presidential candidate. When we only have the choice between two evils, we the people will lose.


By Jerry Alatalo

keyboard7-1Alphabet Many are becoming aware that Hillary Clinton isn’t the only woman in the United States attempting to break the “glass ceiling” and become elected the first woman President. After Bernie Sanders exited the race many of his followers have urged him to join with Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who offered him the top position on the Green ticket, an invitation to join forces and continue the remarkable political revolution Sanders’ campaign had generated.

Now that he’s fully endorsed Ms. Clinton and declined Ms. Stein’s offer, many Sanders supporters – finding it impossible to back Hillary Clinton, and angered over recent Wikileaks revelations showing intentional sabotaging of Sanders’ campaign by members of the Democratic National Committee – have decided to continue to November 8 in support of Dr. Jill Stein.

If enough Americans join and support the presidential campaign of Jill Stein to reach 15% in the…

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Science Guy Bill Nye’s Global Meltdown

“We’ve got the technology and know-how to change the world, but technology alone won’t change us. It begins with a change in attitude…”
~ Bill Nye, the “science guy”

When we change our attitude from denial to acceptance that climate change is real, we can resolve it. We need strong action to kick our fossil fuel addiction.

The Most Revolutionary Act

The Five Changes of Climate Grief

National Geographic (2015)

Film Review

The Five Changes of Climate Grief is a humorous documentary in which Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a psychiatrist and Bill Nye the Science Guy plays himself as the latter grapples with climate denial (not the kind Exxon pays for but the personal kind all of us experience).

The main premise of the film is that all of us experience some degree of grief in confronting the enormity of the climate crisis. Thus all of us must work through the five stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance – as we collectively struggle to find a solution.

The video has some great footage of the ecological devastation caused by Canadian tar sands mining and processing , as well as beach front properties on the Florida coast that are already uninhabitable due to rising sea levels.

I was delighted…

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The Political Revolution Will Not Be Televised

“The mainstream media deliberately filters and obfuscates the real news. It wants to spoon feed the public with a controlled narrative. The mainstream media is part of the elite status quo, and it doesn’t want anything to change that. Therefore, the political revolution will not be televised.”
~ Our democracy withers and dies when we lose access to responsible journalism about affairs that affect our lives.

The political revolution will not be televised, it will be live. (A slight variation of Gil Scott-Heron’s 1970 lyric.)

Failure of the Fourth Estate

We shake our heads in wonder because mainstream media consistently fails to report real, accurate, up-to-date, comprehensive, unbiased news. Isn’t the Fourth Estate supposed to inform citizens about significant current events and offer valid insight into the issues that surround them? Yes, particularly so regarding politics and government. Journalism in the Digital Age explains…

“The press makes the actions of the government known to the public, and voters who disapprove of current trends in policy can take corrective action in the next election. Without the press, the feedback loop is broken and the government is no longer accountable to the people. The press is therefore of the utmost importance in a representative democracy.” ~Danny Crichton, Ben Christel, Aaditya Shidham, Alex Valderrama, Jeremy Karmel

For me…

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Climate Disruption: Is ExxonMobil victim of its own deception?


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ExxonMobil Web of Climate Denial

ExxonMobil Web of Climate Science Denial
Photo Credit: DeSmogBlog

In spite of scientific consensus worldwide that we must transition to cleaner forms of energy and to keep fossil fuel reserves in the ground, ExxonMobil shows no sign of winding down its oil and gas explorations. In May 2015, they announced a significant oil discovery in the Stabroek (Guyana) block about 120 miles (193 kms) offshore. What elation for the newly-elected Guyana government! For a poor developing country, the prospect of oil riches seems a lifeline.

This month, the great news circulated across the fossil fuel industry. “The United States Geological Survey ranks Guyana-Suriname as the world’s second-most prospective, underexplored offshore basin, with an estimated 13.6 Bbbl of oil and 32 tcf of natural gas yet to be discovered,” declared the Offshore Magazine on July 7, 2016.

The article further stated that: “ExxonMobil is reportedly moving Liza [exploration well on the Stabroek block] into the pre-front-end engineering and design phase. Despite low oil prices, analysts such as Douglas-Westwood agree a fasttrack development, while capital-intensive, could provide large potential returns on investment.”

ExxonMobil is by no means alone in its pursuit of more profits. While its affiliate Esso Exploration & Production Guyana Ltd. (USA) holds 45% interest, its partners Hess Guyana Exploration Ltd. (USA) and CNOOC Nexen Petroleum Guyana Ltd. (Canada/China) hold 30% and 25% interest, respectively.

Other players have also gotten on board. In January 2016, Guyana’s Minister of Natural Resources signed a petroleum prospecting license and production-sharing agreement with the joint-venture team of Tullow Guyana BV (UK) and Eco (Atlantic) Guyana Inc. (Canada?) with 60% and 40% interest, respectively.

Commercial production is not expected to begin until another four years. That’s 2020. With continued record-breaking hot temperatures since 1880, Earth’s climate system already shows alarming changes. Rising sea levels, due to melting ice caps, is not good news for Guyana where the majority of the population lives along the low-lying coastal region. Will Guyana’s petrodollars come in time to relocate its capital and build a new port for the oil tankers?

While Guyana plans for its oil-rich future, ExxonMobil continues to fund climate science denial. Although they knew decades ago that carbon dioxide emissions from the use of their products could result in dangerous climate change impacts, ExxonMobil chose to deceive their shareholders and oil-addicted consumers.

During their presentation before the U.S. Senate on July 11 and 12, nineteen Senators repudiated the ways America’s largest oil and gas multinational corporation and others in the fossil fuel industry “developed a sophisticated and deceitful campaign that funded think tanks and front groups, and paid public relations firms to deny, counter, and obfuscate peer-reviewed [climate science] research.”

The degree of deception demonstrates the industry’s lack of moral values. To endanger the lives of millions of people across our planet is a crime against humanity. Could it be that ExxonMobil and its facilitators have become victims of their own deception?

What about the people of Guyana? What environmental risks do they face in the not too distant future?


Travel Alert to Black Men visiting the USA

shit is real. you could die at the hands of the flaw in america just like that. even when you non confrontational and co-operative Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration Issues Travel Advisory for Bahamians traveling to United States of America For Immediate Release 8 July 2016 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration has […]

via Bahamas govt issues travel alert to it’s Black male citizens travelling to america — mark jacobs lives!

Put Away the Fireworks… You Don’t Live in a Democracy Anymore



Within the last 30 years, while we’ve chased bogeymen overseas and here at home, our Democracy has fallen. We have been taken over; defeated; our voices neutered; our freedoms trampled; our democracy vanquished.No invading force accomplished this; no jackboots echoed across our republic; no alien flag was raised above our lands. Not a single shot was fired by our vaunted military to halt this takeover. No, this was a quiet coup, accomplished from within, and conducted in stealth.

Source: Put Away the Fireworks… You Don’t Live in a Democracy Anymore

“Mother in the Morning” – Poem by Caribbean Poet Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné


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Gardener of Small Joys - Painting by Danielle Boodoo-Fortune

“Gardener of Small Joys” – Painting by Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné
Source: Wings & Fire

My Poetry Corner July 2016 features the poem “Mother in the Morning” by Caribbean poet and artist, Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné, who lives in the twin island republic of Trinidad & Tobago. Raised by her two grandmothers, her maternal grandmother of East Indian descent and African-Chinese paternal grandmother, Boodoo-Fortuné’s creative work reflects their influence during her formative years.

In her poetry, Boodoo-Fortuné depicts the woman, the sacred feminine, as a hero in her own right regardless of her marital status. This shines through in her featured poem.

In the first stanza, the mother escapes from her morning chores for a moment of solitude.

Mother sips tea in her garden on mornings,
abandoning the kitchen that echoes with breakfast,
lunch kits, laces untied, and the dripping faucet…

The woman’s role as mother does not bind her to the home and caring for her children. She is also a woman who has an inner, separate self, grounded in Mother Earth. The “dripping faucet” suggests that there is no man in her life.

She sits on a cracked footstool in silence
as the heat from the teacup rises,
whispers warm, comforting secrets
only she can understand.

Not only is her life energy sapped daily like the “dripping faucet,” but her family’s future is also at risk of collapsing like the “cracked footstool.” Yet, she does not fall apart. Her inner strength helps her to face another new day.

The second stanza reveals the mother’s relationship with the world and its inherent dangers for a woman.

There are sharp things in the ground
and her hands are soft
but she never wears gloves…

She doesn’t shield herself from being hurt. In doing so, she would also lose the richness that life offers through human relationships.

She is not afraid of the damp, dark earth
with its shards of buried glass and crawling creatures.
She has planted hope,
seen it grown tall.

In her connection with the creative forces of Mother Earth, the mother knows the power of love and hope for the future that she carries deep within her womb.

In the third stanza, the mother becomes a new type of woman born of her pains and struggles as well as those of former generations of women.

When my mother’s hands are in the dew-damp earth
and she is fragile in the morning light,
sharp things are buried in her, …

Though a woman may appear fragile, she has grown strong through her daily struggles to rise above her subservient role in a violent and patriarchal world.

and I realize how the fluorescent kitchen light dims her,
hides the secret flower she is growing
that only blooms when she does.

Until the woman gains equal status with her male counterpart, her gift to the world remains diminished and suffocated. Without her voice in policy-making at all levels of society across our world, there can be no end to the violence she endures daily, the growing chaos, and endless wars.

To learn more about Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné and her work, go to my Poetry Corner July 2016.

Reflections: The Pyramid


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Pyramid of Capitalist System

The Pyramid of Capitalist System
Photo Credit: Evolutionary Economics


The pyramid
primordial mound
rising from the depths
ancient tomb of pharaohs
reflective sides mirroring the sun
gateway to the heavens beyond the earth
transforming the soul for its union with the gods.

The pyramid
tomb of the masses
forever trapped in its base
herded, cajoled & discarded
struggle, fight & kill each other
to sustain the few at the top of the pyre
bloated with their contempt, gorging on human flesh.

The pyramid
legacy of an ancient civilization
points to the heavens, the expanding universe
beyond the limits of our small finite world
to the full realization of our true being
a limitless spirit, capable of the impossible
together as one, sharing the gifts of the earth.


Building the Political Revolution | The People’s Summit

Whether or not Bernie Sanders becomes the next president of these United States of America, our political revolution is underway and ongoing. Believe. Have hope. Take part. End hate. End wars.

If you want to be part of this revolution, tune in to The People’s Summit that is presently underway this weekend, June 17-19, in Chicago, Illinois.

You may follow The People’s Summit on livestream. Check the schedule to see what might be most interesting to you. This year the theme is “Building the Political Revolution.”

Juan Gonzalez, Co-Host of The People's Summit Juan Gonzalez, Co-Host of The People’s Summit

This is what the The People’s Summit says about itself…

At a time of tremendous turmoil and progressive opportunity, we invite you to participate in a historic convening of organizations and individuals committed to social, racial and economic justice.  On June 17-19, in Chicago… we seek to bring together activists committed to a different kind of agenda: a People’s Agenda that can enhance and expand issue campaigns and hold all elected officials accountable to popular demands for justice, equality and freedom…

The Summit itself will include plenary and workshop sessions devoted to key issues such as the Fight for 15, mass incarceration and criminal justice reform, voting rights and expanding democratic participation, a…

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The Political Revolution Continues | Bernie Sanders

For Bernie supporters who missed his live video broadcast on Thursday, June 16, here’s a link from blogger JoAnn Chateau.

Bernie Sanders addressed his supporters Thursday night. The political revolution goes forward to “reverse the drift to oligarchy.”

The goals and objectives that Sanders emphasises are outlined below.

Defeat Donald Trump…

“The major political task, that we face together, in the next five months is to make certain that Donald Trump is defeated, and defeated badly.”

Reform the Democratic Party…

Sanders states, “We must continue our grassroots effort to create the America we know that we can become. We must take that energy into the Democratic National Convention.”

Regarding his recent meeting with Sec. Clinton, Sanders affirms, “I look forward in the coming weeks to continue discussion between the two campaigns to make certain your voices are heard, and that the Democratic Party passes the most progressive platform in its history, and that Democrats actually fight for that agenda… to transform the Democratic Party so that it becomes a party of…

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